Apr 042013

I have bought some royalty-free music from Dan O and wanted to give a special shout out to him for his very good meditation and relaxation music. I used a song of his entitled “The Experiment” as the basis for my “Breath Control” audio. I did make some minor tweaks to it to remove some of the dissonant notes but other than that the music is all his and I had nothing to do with the creation of the song at all. He has a lot of good music there on his website and I urge you to take a listen…

I also want to make it easier to download the completed audios. At the present time you can listen to the audios in full-length on HypnosisConsultants.com. I would like to make the music downloadable on the website but right now it is downloadable from my blog RoyceReport.com. You have to look a little bit to find them but here’s the key: use the menu to search for the particular audio you want to locate. Once you bring up all the blog entries on that particular song it should not be too hard for you to find a blog entry that has a link to download it. I think I want to fix this some way and make it easier for you to download the relaxation audios. I am mulling it around in my mind and will spend most of today thinking about just how I want to do that… More to come!

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Jan 122013

Courtesy Creative Commons m. khajoo  A test post to see if Web Story will publish this picture correctly with mouse over credits… The picture is from creative Commons by m. khajoo

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Jan 062013

That’s right! All hypnosis is self hypnosis. You cannot be hypnotized against your will or asked to do anything that that is against your will in any other circumstance. A good hypnotist can help you get there but basically you are the one that hypnotizes yourself. You are always in control of the hypnosis process.

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Jan 052013

Today is Saturday, January 5th, 2013…
This is my first blog post! I am excited to see this website come to fruition! Here you will find articles on hypnosis and relaxation. You will also find articles on specific audios…