May 072013

The Audio Download Center is complete today. It’s on the audio page at So it is now pretty easy to download the 2 available relaxation audios. The 2 audios that are available today are “Relaxation Utilizing Breath Control” and “A Passage into Sleep”! There are still a couple of quirks I need to work out of it but I will over time. Hopefully I’ll get to it in the next couple of weeks. I simply need to rename some files and adjust the links to those files. Right now “Relaxation Utilizing Breath Control” downloads as song-2.MP3 and “A Passage into Sleep” downloads as song-3.MP3.
Those are minor things but they need to be changed! And I will change those.
The mechanics of the website itself seem to work pretty well although I would like your feedback. And I will now begin to add more articles regarding hypnosis both in the blog and on At this point I haven’t done any search engine optimization so that people can find the site. So if you’ve been directed to the site by friend of mine please feel free to download those audios. If you just stumbled upon the site please feel free to download those audios and use them to help you achieve a state of relaxation. I should add of course that these audios are not meant to cure any particular illness or disease or condition but to help everyday people solve everyday problems.
I will be adding more audios although each one of them takes quite a while to put together in order to achieve the quality that I want them to be. It is my hope that you will enjoy the guided imagery and relaxation and that it can help improve your quality of life. If you are a counselor or consulting hypnotist feel free to use these audios in your practice to assist your clients achieve their relaxation goals.
Hypnosis Consultants is dedicated to making quality relaxation audios and distributing them at no cost or very low cost to people who could use them. Not everybody who can benefit from using a relaxation audio has the money to go browsing iTunes or Amazon looking for a relaxation audio that suits their needs. That is our motive behind putting this website together. These audios are not simple to build they take hundreds and hundreds of edits and tweaks here and there in order to get them just right. I use liberally from commercial outlets where I buy the music and also creative Commons where I just attribute credits to the authors. Unfortunately many of the authors have unpronounceable names or unpronounceable links that’s why I did not include them in the audio. (Because I just couldn’t make it work!)
To date I’ve been getting a few hits here and there but the audios haven’t been very easy to download. Now they are! In fact in many cases you don’t even have to right-click on the audio to download the just click and it will download it for you and load it up in your player. The audios can be quite big, over 100 MB so it depends on the speed of your connection as to how fast it will download. The sleep audio times out to just over an hour while the breath control audio is just under an hour.
Happy listening, that’s all for now!

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Apr 242013

There are some changes in the air for




  • A new audio will be released in May.
  • A new audio page will be added which will include the following:
    • free downloads to all MP3s
    • complete descriptions of all MP3s available on this site
    • complete audio credits for all MP3s available on this site
    • the addition of different formats of downloads particularly OGG’s
  • I am open to any suggestions that will make the site better. So, please use the contact page to get in touch with me and make your suggestions.
  • I am redoing the sleep audio to take out a couple of errors that I noticed after I had it published. I will also add an introduction that includes all my sources for the music used to create the sleep audio regardless of whether attribution is required or not by the author. So we’ll start working on these changes this week!


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Apr 042013

I have bought some royalty-free music from Dan O and wanted to give a special shout out to him for his very good meditation and relaxation music. I used a song of his entitled “The Experiment” as the basis for my “Breath Control” audio. I did make some minor tweaks to it to remove some of the dissonant notes but other than that the music is all his and I had nothing to do with the creation of the song at all. He has a lot of good music there on his website and I urge you to take a listen…

I also want to make it easier to download the completed audios. At the present time you can listen to the audios in full-length on I would like to make the music downloadable on the website but right now it is downloadable from my blog You have to look a little bit to find them but here’s the key: use the menu to search for the particular audio you want to locate. Once you bring up all the blog entries on that particular song it should not be too hard for you to find a blog entry that has a link to download it. I think I want to fix this some way and make it easier for you to download the relaxation audios. I am mulling it around in my mind and will spend most of today thinking about just how I want to do that… More to come!

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Apr 012013

Now that the sleep audio is completed I want to tell you a little bit about what went into it. First of all I used Mixcraft Pro to bring the project together along with many sounds from As is not uncommon I also used audio from Dan O. Which reminds me I need to send him payment for the use of his audio.

But what I tried to do with this sleep audio is to incorporate guided imagery with hypnosis deepening techniques and sound effects added to the music to deepen the entire experience to put you to sleep. I have only been able to listen to the project a couple of times without falling asleep myself. But I would really like to know what you think about it. I will include a link to it here so you can download it.

This audio certainly sounds best if you use headphones but you don’t have to use headphones. There is a lot of different things going on in the stereo sound with audio moving from one ear to the next in what I hope is a quiet and relaxing manner.

Please see the previous post for the attributions for the audio that I used from This audio has literally hundreds of edits in it. I did not cut the audio all in one sitting but I used many different techniques on the microphone in order to enhance certain words.

It is my sincere hope that this will help you sleep in a pleasant and relaxed manner. That is one reason why it runs an hour and 15 minutes. The audio takes you to a forest, a meadow, an Alpine Lake and log cabin, a sailboat and finally a good thunderstorm and rainstorm. I will write more about this audio as time allows but for now enjoy it and please send me feedback.

Mar 282013

I’m pleased to announce that I’m right now listening to the MP3 of the sleep audio its running time is about one hour and 16 minutes. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and I need to give credit where credit is due. So, I want to say thanks to the following for letting me use audios with their attribution. It is important to note that just because I use somebody’s audio that does not mean that they endorse my work in any way.

GREEN&ORANGEnowater.mp3 by imaginaryband from free

Close_Mic_Shore.wav by digifishmusic from free

20060824.forest03.wav By dobroide from

swoosh.wav  by Halgrimm from


March 31st, 2010

Frogs sing in the pond in the spring rain. Recorded with paired omni mics sitting on the windowsill.



September 4th, 2012

Recording of rain falling on the tent on a camp-site in Glen Nevis early in the morning.

February 12th, 2013

This is a binaural audio recording, so for most true to nature audio experience please use headphones.
For more explanation about binaural recording or picture with the soundtrack please visit


May 10th, 2006

Fire in our chimney, pieces of wood crackling and cracking. Vivanco EM35, Marantz PMD671


Again, give credit where credit is due. I also used music that I purchased especially for this project without attribution necessary. I expect to post the MP3 in the next couple of days. And then I think I’m going to start the good morning one next.

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Jan 302013

Progress continues on the sleep audio. Last week I cut the voiceover portion of the sleep audio. And it went really well! However, now I’m tweaking it a little bit to match the voiceover with the background music. I had a little 3 or 4 minute introduction to the sleep audio but I decided to shorten it because I felt it was too long and I wanted to get to sleep, not listen to an introduction des cribing the sleep audio and the theories and mechanics behind it. So that is still to be done.
I decided to take the muscle relaxation portion out of the sleep audio because I felt it too distracted from the goal of the audio which will is to put you to sleep. So essentially the sleep audio will consist of guided imagery wonderful background music and great sound effects. I am very excited about it and have used it the last 2 days to go to sleep by. It actually works quite well the way it is. But I will continue to tweak it for the rest of the week and into next week. So, that’s the update for today. I will post the audio as soon as I’m done with it. However, I will try it and see how I like it before making it available to you. I want it to be as perfect as I can get it before I release it to the public. These things take time to put together because of my meticulous attention to detail.
I will let you go now and work on the new audio this afternoon… Talk to you soon,

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Jan 172013

I have the music for the sleep audio all picked out and ready to go. It should be between 30 and 45 minutes long.I will finish up the script this week and began audio production next week. FYI the music is really quite good and I know you will like it. I haven’t been able to get as much work done this week as I had hoped. Life interferes sometimes. However, the sleep audio will take advantage of guided imagery and a number of hypnosis techniques including something called deepening to enhance the effect of the suggestions for a good night’s sleep.
Deepening is a technique whereby you take the client deeper and deeper into the hypnotic “trance” so to speak. (Gosh I hate the word trance). I will think of another word to use instead of it because too many people are afraid of hypnosis because they think that it will rob them of their own self-control. That is not at all true. The purpose of the sleep audio is to allow you through your own self-control to put yourself to sleep. Not only to sleep; but a quiet relaxing, refreshing and rehabilitative type sleep. I have many Christian friends who are afraid of hypnosis because they believe they want to give control of their lives over to God and not to the hypnotist. Well, at no point during hypnosis does the hypnotist have control of the client. Most of what you see on movies and TV about hypnosis is simply not true. Hypnosis is not some sort of hocus-pocus in which the person under hypnosis is in the complete control of the hypnotist. What you see a good stage hypnotists do is pick out the people that will do what they want them to do on stage already. It is impossible to make somebody do something that they don’t want to do. So a good sleep audio like the one we’re making today relies on your desire to go to sleep and enhances that desire by paving the way through relaxation and by clearing your mind of cluttered thoughts that are interfering with your sleep. Another technique we use in the sleep audio is guided imagery which will focus your mind on things that are relaxing, calming, peaceful, etc. Also, we take a look at the tension you may be holding in your body and by making you aware of it relaxing it. For example if you carry your tension in your jaw like I do, (sometimes I grit my teeth awfully badly) this audio will help you become aware of it and relax it. The whole idea is enabling you to get a good night sleep! So I will soon go back to work on the script and finish that up this week. I have a meeting and following that meeting I’ll go directly to work on the script which is nearly completed. So, that’s what I’m up to! Feel free to leave a comment and ask any questions and I’ll do my very best to answer them.

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Jan 122013

Courtesy Creative Commons m. khajoo  A test post to see if Web Story will publish this picture correctly with mouse over credits… The picture is from creative Commons by m. khajoo

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Jan 122013
Creative Commons by Joi

    I,ve made terrific progress today on the new sleep audio script. I spent about two hours working on it. The script should be ready by the end of the week. And then I’ll cut the voiceover and adapt it to the music. I’ve been working on the sleep audio for quite some time now but I decided to re-script it. I am using more hypnosis techniques in it now and less muscle relaxation. Because I found while testing it out the muscle relaxation actually woke me up instead of putting me to sleep. That was not at all what I wanted to do! I’ll continue to post you on the progress of the sleep audio. Meanwhile I’m happy with the results of the “Breath Control” audio.
I got a couple hours worth of work on the sleep audio today while we were putting away the Christmas stuff. It is snowing and sleeting outside so it is a perfect day to sit by the fireplace in my recliner and work on the sleep audio script.

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Jan 102013
red Maple in the sunshine

As stated in my previous post on breath control: I feel that breath control is one of the most important things a person can learn in the meditative/self-hypnosis experience. And to help you achieve a state of breath control I have included in this post an audio player with my breath control meditative audio for you to listen to. Be sure you don’t listen to this while driving your car or while you are operating any machinery because the audio is designed to help you achieve a state of relaxation by learning to control your breath.
I put this audio together using Dan-O’s Music by Dan-O at called “The Experiment“. I found this piece to be ideal although I did do a little minor tweaking using loops, etc. but the music is all Dan-O’s. I just adapted the music to work well with the relaxation audio voice over. There are literally hundreds of edits that went into creating the voiceover and pacing it with the music. The voiceover is one that I’ve learned through years of practicing self-hypnosis and learning how to relax myself. You may find that the periods between breaths may be a little long for you but that’s okay you just need to breathe at a slow normal pace and integrate your breathing into that of the relaxation audio. You can easily do that by adapting your breathing to the rhythm of background music. So don’t worry about breathing exactly as I do because everybody’s breathing style will be a little bit different. The point is to slow your breathing down to a nice slow relaxed pace. So that is what I tried to do by integrating a soothing voice over in which you will learn relaxation skills and and then rest listening to the complementary music.
The audio also gives you some things to think about while you are relaxing that will help you achieve a state of easy, peaceful, self-hypnotic meditation. I appreciate your comments and things that I can use to make the audio even better in the future. Because all pieces are evolving constantly to best suit our goal of achieving peaceful rest and relaxation. There is a bit of guided muscle relaxation exercises included in the breath control audio because I find that guided muscle relaxation really helps me to relax. It also helps me to find places where tension hides in my body and so I can then go on to relax that muscle group. I find that I carry a lot of my tension in my jaw. And I only discovered that through practicing guided muscle relaxation exercises. This audio will help you find places of tension in your body and enable you to relax those places of tension so you can achieve a restful, meditative state of mind.
Breath Control.MP3
Breath Control.OGG

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